The Threat: Assault from weapons capable of firing a range of bullets. These bullets could range from simple hand held pistols and revolvers to AK 47 Assault rifles to Sophisticated SLR (Self Loading Rifles). In addition there is a threat of grenades being launched on the roof of the car which may fall below or to the side of the vehicle. There is also the danger that the car may be immobilized by the simple method of shooting out the tires and then dealing with the victim at leisure.

The important thing to understand is that there is no such thing as a bullet proof vehicle. There are weapons by which even an armored tank can be taken out as happens in war. The analogy is that there is no burglary proof lock. You can just get more and more sophisticated locks and the thief will get better and better and better at stealing. We thus call our vehicles bullet resistant vehicles and specify for each vehicle the bullet we can resist.

The Mission: To protect the occupant of the vehicle from these attacks


There are 3 different defensive methods against the three broad attacks-

  • Against Rifle Fire
  • Against Explosive Attacks
  • Against Assault on Tyres



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