We look to the following aspects where we are uniquely qualified to undertake the modification of these vehicles.

Structural integrity : The Basic structure of the Modern vehicles is a monocoque structure. This is analogous to a truss. As such it is very difficult to point out in a truss as to the loading on each member and the effect of removing/modifying one member. Accordingly the only way to handle a truss in to treat it as a composite whole.

In view of the above it is not acceptable to open or cut any part of the structure, which is the normal practice amongst the current fabricators of bullet proof cars. Such cutting and re-welding of the structure can result in premature failure and reduced resistance to impacts. We therefore go to great care not to open any of the joints welded in the factory. This is unique to our design as till now all bullet proofing starts with opening up the pillars and armoring from inside. Modern vehicles do not permit this kind of design.

The increased weight of the vehicle will also play a part in putting extra stress on the truss structure. Accordingly the basic structure of the vehicle needs reinforcement in terms of increasing the strength of the basic structure of the body shell. Such strength increase can be achieved by special techniques.

Re-engineering the vehicle : Our vehicle has a complete shell of armoured steel cocooned within the outer shell. This shell within a shell design means that the interior armoured shell provides additional strength to the structure of the vehicle in addition to the original shell. This means that the vehicle has exceptional ability to survive roll over in case of loss of control while evading an attack.

The extra weight of this shell means an engineering team comes into play to redesign the suspensions, brakes, cooling systems and drive train. Special redesign is required to ensure that power is boosted so that the vehicle will perform almost  like a standard vehicle

Anonymity : This is another area of protective advantage. To an untrained or casual eye the vehicle looks like a normal vehicle. All efforts have been made to keep all external beadings and fittings in original form to preserve as much as possible the original look.

Software requirements : We have all the software and hardware required to enter into the cyber systems of most of these sophisticated machines. We also have personnel trained and certified by manufacturers for this task Need less to say we are in procession of manuals, wiring diagrams catalogues etc for most vehicles.


Please be assured that we understand the implications of dealing With high profile individuals and all information is treated as highly confidential and is shared even with our own staff on a strictly need to know basis.



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